05 October 2011

Hello-Lah! :) (whatever that means)

I'm creating this entry on-board. Yep, in my first international flight.


Two Thousand and LATE

Check in - i did a web check-in, it's a new thing in Cebu Pacific Website. it basically let's you check in Online.  The good part is that we are not required anymore to be early in airport, just around 45 minutes before the scheduled flight. Preety cool, huh?

Payment - Travel tax was 1600++, Terminal Fee is around 750. haiiist, it's very expensive to travel. You're not yet leaving your country, you already have to pay these things. That's life. . . in the Philippines. I dunno if such exists in other countries.

Immigration - Ah yes, the secuiring personel of the country for criminals or the likes to be barred on escaping the Philippines. Actually, i thought i'd be stopped here because of my DOST scholarship. i really got nervous in this part of the trip. i was asked for the purpose of my travel. i just checked Holiday/Pleasure...PLEASURE? hehehe green. Sorry :)

Everything was a breeze. So we went to the Boarding corridor where all the gates are. We should be on gate 115. I thought, hey, where are all the people waiting for the boarding of our flight? the halls are almost empty. especially for the gate 115 part.

Then, the announcer radio went, "Waiting for the last passengers of Flight 5J 801 bound for Singapore, Mr. Aldrich Danan, please proceed to gate 115 immediately."

Turned out, all our co-passengers are already inside the plane!!! hahaha.

I told myself, "pag nakarating tayo sa boarding desk, they'll tell us, we're the last team to arrive!" [Ala Amazing Race]

I took a picture of the gate to the runway, i'll post it here.


And the plane is moving. . .well not that much. I thought i'm much faster than the plane if i run, so i'm wondering  why we're a bit slow...

Moments later, after some quick turns and curbs, we suddenly picked up speed. i was really eaten by the seat, it's that fast! Really Really fast and started to fly! Men, what an experience. I've seen buildings and houses and reads at the window. It was really COOL!!!

Stewardess' Dance
(With props)

When they (The Stewardess) are explaining all the thingy ma jing in the plane, it looked like performing, not demonstrating. they all knew the steps by heart (of course, it's their job), and it's entertaining to watch. . . ok ok, informative as well.


I thought of the movie Turbulence when it's announced that we're experiencing such.

We're entering several gigantic clouds, really massive and we start to shake, go up and down, sudden feeling of weightlessness (the one you feel in a roller coaster ride) and it's nerve-wracking!!!

. . .and fun at the same time :)
The Flush

After 2 fun and enjoyable turbulences (had fun?!), i went to the lavatory/ comfort room to answer to call of the river nymph

(corny!) you know what i mean.

So, i've noticed that my weewee is filling up the bottom side of the bowl. After i was done, i pushed the flush button. Whoa! it really sucks! As in really loud and hard vacuum sucks all the weewee from the bowl. I've kinda panicked and feared for my phone that it might go with the pee. Hehehe

Closer to God

If the lump of clouds is the same with the image we'll see when we go to heaven, whoa, WhattaSite!

It looks like cottonballs out of the windows. Really nice view.

For a moment, i thought the higher i go, the closer i get to God, but i immediately cancelled that idea thinking that it's inside the church that we feel closer to Him. [AMEN to that, brother!]

Current Events

As i'm doing this, we're going lower gradually to the clouds. It's like an ocean of cottonballs down there, with static waves.

We are near to landing.
Until my next post!

Bye! :)

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