12 October 2011

Tampines: Just Around the Corner

The Arrival!

Yes! We safely arrived at Singapore! Yey!
And, just as warned, we arrived at this warehouse-looking terminal.
(Oh what do you expect on such a low fare!)
But still, it's really clean, operational and clear. Just imagine how great the terminal 1 and 2 looks like. They said it's really, really beautiful. It’s one of the top airport terminals in the world! We went straight through immigration, got our baggages, scanned them through xray, went out of the airport J

At first, I really can’t feel that I’m already in another country. But when I saw the customers in a cafĂ© in the terminal speaking Chinese, that’s when I realized that I could already drink water from the faucet. hehehe

The transportation!

There’s no one to pick us up, so we decided to get a cab. And yes, just like any Filipino tourist show’s riding in the front seat, I made a mistake to go to the driver’s side.  It’s because their driver’s seat are in the right side. In the Philippines, the driver’s seat is in the opposite side. With that, all the roads, even the escalators are in reverse.

Singapore: Forested Development

They are almost like a garden with concrete walls.  They have massive buildings but still they don’t forget to care for their environment. Almost everywhere you turn, there are trees. And their normal street birds are really different – mynas and pigeons.  I already knew I’ll have a very exciting vacation…until...

The Mishap!

We took the cab because we really don’t know where the address of the house is. So we’re talking to the driver and I, actually, can’t understand his English. We went round and round the blocks of Tampines until we decided to our known landmark, a primary school located near Tampines blocks.

It was really tiring because of our baggage, long walks, asking for directions. We’re literally lost in the city. It took us quite a while to find the address and to get to the house. Well, I got a bit familiar with that walk, that’s for sure.

But that is not the longest walk I’ve ever done in Singapore. J
Tune in for another posts on my Singapore Series J
Thanks for reading!

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