09 September 2011


what to expect:

1. My old blogs
 - I've been blogging since i was in 3rd year college. i have this compilation of all my posts which (i hope) is interesting to read. Besides blogs, i also do writing in different notebooks. i have 2 notebooks -
the BLACK notebook (yes, it's really black and i use silver gle pen for it) and
the CRYSTAL notebook (i'm currently using this one, most recent experiences)

2. Thoughts-Experiences
 - 2/3 of my day, i'm to and fro, and at the office. who says being in the office makes your
thoughts stagnant? (Well, i did.)

3. Thoughts-random ideas
 - yeah. watch out, you might agree or disagree with me on these thoughts :)

4. The corn
 - striking but corny. That's how i write...sometimes :)

That's what i'm planning to do here. hope you have fun reading!

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