09 September 2011

Old Post # 2 July 21, 2008 (Poem)

Hi again!
This is half of my old post number 2. I actually don't know how to number it since i'll be posting the other half, too...oh well :)

This is a poem for my mom's birthday. She haven't read this yet. hehehe. how very private of me :)
(To think that I'm letting all of you read this first before my mom. hahaha)

Here goes!
-my mom’s bday-

Because of You

Every morning she wakes me up…
Every time I wake up, she’s always my sight

Since the beginning of my life
She stood firm by my side

From every trials
Hardships and pain

She’s always been
My first aid

From the start of my kinder years
Until today that I’m a graduating kid

Nobody can even compare
To my first teacher, school is our home

Twenty years has passed
Twenty-four years from then on

Care has been nothing less
Than the very best

Today on your birthday
Let me be the one to say

“I’ll take care of you, nay”
‘till the end of days

“I’ll always be your best panganay”
Proud of his best mom

Soon I’ll stand up on stage
My diploma at hand

And say to the whole world
“she raised me up!”

“And I can have no other
Than my best mom ever”

“this is all...
Because of YOU”

This is a poem I wrote for nanay. ? though I’m “absent” in her very special day… I know, she knows , I’m very proud of her. And this…yeah, this post, this post is dedicated to her. Love you nay.
Reading it again made me teary eyed. hehehe :)

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