09 September 2011

Old Post # 1: July 17, 2008

I'm Back. :) I want to share with you guys my 1st ever blog post.
Well, it's not really posted into a blog site. this one is posted on a forum site


What!? Did my magical powers just came in?

I was dreaming about a volcano pouring out lava when I realized I need to pee. Hehe,
(I pressed pause so that I can continue my dream later after I go to the bathroom… joke!)
I woke up, you know the ritual… eyes open, I stood up, and went to the bathroom…

As I open the switch, the light went <boom!>
sparks were all over the bathroom…

eh, hanu pa aasahan nyo sa kunehong ito? Bagong gising… wala lang,

“ah ok! Wee Wee!”

Then, after that’s done, I thought I must report this thing to my parents, so, I went to the bedroom..
As I open the switch… much to my surprise… SAKTO! NAGBROWNOUT!

“Whoa! [looking at my pointing finger] waw magic!”

Punta ako kina nanay at tatay, I told them na sa amin lang nagbrownout.

Father checked out the main switch and saw the fuse broke…
There, the lights went back…

I went back to my bed, thinking…
“whooO… ok ok… great powers comes great responsibility.. never forget that…”

Nakatulog ako ng nagiisip kung ano ung pwedeng pangsuperhero kong pangalan…

(now where’s that remote… I must press play to resume!)


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