09 September 2011

Let's Try Email!

This post comes directly from my email. published immediately to my blog. :)

Email has been a part of my daily life ever since i started working. In my college days, we're only using this for attachments and long reports to be compiled, but now, it has been the very core of communications. Formal communications, that is. I still have mobile as my buddy.

Lucky i have external email, so i could email all my college friends. everyone of them also use their company email addresses. :)
Because of email, my barkada could set up meetings and gigs! never missed a gimik. Thanks to email hehehe.


Email has been utilized for quite some time now. I learned (through listening to radio first, then research [thank you, Internet!]) that email has just celebrated its 40th birthday. wow!

techies way back early 2000 said that a better technology will take over the place of emails in the IT realm. But hey! it's 2011, era of smart phones, androids, tablets etc., but email is still here!

i wonder what technology will replace email to it's purpose . . . maybe that's what the tech dudes are doing now. :)


I'm receiving emails coming from my bestfriend Raffy [HI RAFFY!!!] that has a link on it. And, take note, it's typed in pure, straight, ENGLISH! [men, nosebleed!]. Our security team, thatnks to their advices, said that it's what we call SPAM (Some Piece of Alien Material [hahaha]). It's true, though! it's really alien material since we really don't know who really sent it othwer than the user or where it came from. it's Alien :)

I've told him to change his password. Hope he does it already 'coz it might get his personal informations. tsk tsk. . .


as i've read in the Internet, Associated press stylebook changed the term e-mail to simply email. That saves time from typing. hehehe.
i dunno what to say, i just posted it here hahaha. just so you know :)

hmmm... that have a sytlebook.
i wonder if they have a style for blogs like this? :)

Whooops! it's almost time to go home! :)
time's up!

Gotta go.
Bye guys! Thanks for reading.

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